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ERS-2 WindScatt Level-2 data now in NetCDF format

25 September 2017

The ERS-2 Scatterometer Level 2.0 reprocessed dataset has now been enriched with ASPS products and converted into NetCDF format for both nominal (25 km grid space) and high (12.5 km grid space) resolution.

Specifications for the NetCDF format are included in the updated version of the Product Specifications document available on the ESA Sensor Performance and Product Algorithm portal (SPPA).

The new NetCDF formatted products are available to users on the ESA dissemination server together with the already existing datasets in ASPS format.

For new users access to the ERS-2 Scatterometer Level 2 data is granted upon fast registration.

For further information about the ERS reprocessed dataset see related news on the ERS-2 Scatterometer Level 2 reprocessing of 14 May 2015.