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ERS-2 Scatterometer L2 dataset processing with ASPS V2.0 ongoing

13 November 2013

The re-processing campaign of ERS-2 Scatterometer consolidated Level 2.0 products is proceeding, adopting the latest Advanced Scatterometer Processing System 2.0 (ASPS). Data from Cycle 22 to Cycle 162 (19 May 1997 - 22 October 2010) is now available to the user community.

Data from Cycle 01 to 21, Cycle 69 to 74 and Cycle 163 to 165 has not yet been reprocessed. The reprocessing activity will continue in the next months to cover the remaining data products.

The new Level 2 data set includes significant quality improvements with respect to previous UWI data version: refined calibration of the 3 backscattering measurements (sigma noughts), 4 aliased wind vector solutions (Rank 1-4) and de-aliased wind vector flag, the sea-ice probability and sea-ice flag, and the YAW error angle flag to be used as quality indicator filter during the Zero Gyro Mode (ZGM) period from 2001 till the end of the ERS-2 mission. In addition, the long-term ERS-2 dataset has been also characterised in terms of CMOD5N geophysical forward model derived by ECMWF in order to retrieve the neutral winds from the backscattering measurements.

The ASPS L2 products are available in nominal resolution of 50km (ASPS20_N) and in high resolution of 25 Km (ASPS20_H). Re-processed UWI products are also available to maintain the compatibility with the previous data format. The detailed description of the product format is available here.

Access to ERS-2 Scatterometer products can be provided through Fast Registration.