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ERS-1/2 ATSR data available on MERCI

13 December 2013

In addition to the previously announced FTP access (see news of 05 December 2013), ERS-1/2 ATSR Level 1 and Level 2 data products from the 3rd reprocessing are now also accessible via HTTP through the (A)ATSR MERCI system.

The MERCI HTTP interface allows users to select geographical areas of interest and search for products for specific periods of time. Bulk download feature is also available.

For all three ATSR instruments (ERS ATSR-1 / ATSR-2 and Envisat AATSR), the following Level-1b and Level-2 products can be browsed and downloaded via the MERCI HTTP interface:

  • TOA_1P
  • NR_2P

All other ERS ATSR and Envisat AATSR data products including the above are available via FTP.

Data Access

  • HTTP:
    (Area/time extraction and bulk download via MERCI - for  TOA_1P and NR_2P products)
  • FTP:
    (Full mission datasets - all product types)
  • Media: NAS disks for large data requests

Users already registered for the (A)ATSR service can access the above HTTP and FTP servers with the previously provided user ID and password.

For new users, access to the 3rd reprocessing datasets via HTTP and FTP is provided upon Fast Registration via the My Earthnet area. Full Proposal is required for delivery on media/NAS disk in case of large data requests.

The (A)ATSR service on the UK server containing the 2nd reprocessing dataset will be dismissed in the near future and communicated to the user community in due time. Users are recommended to make use of the 3rd reprocessing datasets.

Please contact EOHelp for any further information.