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South China Sea South China Sea

Latitude: 02° 32' N - Longitude: 105° 02' E

Sea area in the South China Sea crossed by the main shipping lane between Singapore and Far East Asian ports. This sea area northeast of Singapore seems to be a preferred area for discharging oil from ships. See also the attached map of the spatial distribution of oil slicks in the southeast Asian waters as inferred from ERS SAR images.
South China Sea South China Sea

Latitude: 04° 20' N - Longitude: 103° 59' E

A sea area off the east coast of Malaysia (near Kuantan) which is heavily polluted by oil discharged from ships.
South China Sea South China Sea

Latitude: 06° 07' N - Longitude: 115° 12' E

Oil pollution in the South China Sea off the west coast of Sabah (Borneo). The dark streaks visible in the left-hand section of the image result from oil discharged from ships. In one case the ship (white spot) is visible at the front of the oil trail. It could be that the dark streaky features visible in the right-hand section of the image originate from oil seeps.
# Orbit Frame(s) Satellite Date Time Location
1 24841 3555 ERS-1 15-Apr-1996 03:20 South China Sea
2 10221 3519 ERS-2 04-Apr-1997 03:25 South China Sea
3 11652 3483 ERS-2 13-Jul-1997 02:42 South China Sea

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Ancillary information

Spatial distribution map

Spatial distribution map of oil pollution in Southeast Asian waters during the period of September 1995 to September 1998. Figure provided by CRISP.