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Taiwan Taiwan

Latitude: 22° 20' N - Longitude: 120° 24' E

On this ERS-1 SAR image (image size: 28km x 34km) sea surface manifestations of vortex-like features are visible in the wake of the island Liu-chiu Yu.
Taiwan Taiwan

Latitude: 22° 15' N - Longitude: 120° 33' E

On this SPOT-2 image also vortex-like features are visible in the area where similar features were visible on the previous ERS-1 SAR image.
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East of Taiwan East of Taiwan

Latitude: 23° 07' S - Longitude: 121° 46' E

A wake pattern is visible in the lower left-hand section of the ERS-2 SAR image behind the island of Lü Tao. It seems to be generated by the interaction of the northward flowing Kuroshio Current with the island. But also other frontal features are visible on this image which are difficult to explain.
East of Taiwan East of Taiwan

Latitude: 22° 40' N - Longitude: 121° 31' E

This is another ERS-2 SAR image showing a wake pattern behind the island Lü Tao (in the centre of the image), which has a different shape than the one visible on the previous ERS-2 SAR image. Also behind the larger island Lan Yü (in the lower section of the image) a wake pattern is visible.
# Orbit Frame(s) Satellite Date Time Location
1 12401 3159 ERS-1 29-Nov-1995 02:32
2 Path: 299 305P1-306P1 SPOT 2 05-Jun-1996 02:55
3 18079 3141 ERS-2 05-Oct-1998 02:26
4 20584 3141-3159 ERS-2 29-Mar-1999 02:26

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Ancillary information to these images

Bathymetric map of the sea area east of Taiwan together with topographic map of the eastern part of Taiwan. The numbers denote the depth in metres.


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