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Latitude: 41° 14' N - Longitude: 28° 31' E

ERS-1 SAR image of the city of Istanbul (the bright area in the lower section of the image) and of the Bosporus, which is the sea channel connecting the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. Surface water from the Black Sea flows into the Sea of Marmara and generates there an elongated plume. Note the numerous ships (bright spots) which anchor before the harbour of Istanbul.

Latitude: 41° 11' N - Longitude: 28° 32' E

The channel plume of the Bosporus is visible extending into the Sea of Marmara, which has generated at the front a vortex pair.
# Orbit Frame(s) Satellite Date Time Location
1 15509 0819 ERS-1 03-Jul-1994 20:21
2 01056 0819 ERS-2 03-Jul-1995 20:20

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