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33. SAR interferometric products

SAR interferometry ERS-1 quarter-scenes are presented as (raw) input, intermediate and possible final interferometric products. ESA currently offers no interferometric products beyond the basic SLC full or quarter-scene image.
The essential difference when compared to conventional detected SAR products (e.g. PRI) is that the phase resulting from the backscattered pulses of a target is preserved and used. Interferometric data applications use the phase change between acquisitions from the same orbital track. In principle, a minimum of one pair of data sets is necessary. Data application includes coherence maps, digital elevation models and mapping of small (centimeter-range) Earth movements.
The images presented in the following show parts of the Swiss Plateau crossed by the Aare river east to west.
In the examples below radar illumination is from the right and the flight direction is approximately north-south (descending pass). The data was acquired on 24 and 27 November 1991.

Animation of radar images:
Radar animation

Individual images used in animation:
Raw Data
Range compressed Data
One Look Complex Image
One Look Complex Detected Image (I)
One Look Complex Detected Image (II)
Raw Interferogram
Coherence Image
Digital Elevation Model

All image processing and text by: D. Small, E. Meier, D. Nuesch Remote Sensing Laboratories, Dept. of Geography, University of ZurichGeography, University of Zurich