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The Precise Range And Range-Rate Equipment PRARE is a compact, space-borne, two-way, two-frequency microwave satellite tracking system that is in routine operations onboard the second European Remote Sensing satellite ERS-2 since May 1st, 1995. With the assistance of a global network of mobile, unattended, autonomously operating ground stations, the system performs synchronous two-way pn-coded range (= slant distance) and carrier shifted range-rate (= relative velocity) measurements at a sub-decimeter resp. sub-millimeter/second level of accuracy.

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Microwave satellite tracking system
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New SSE Service: ASPS Soil Moisture Product selection and download

05 September 2012

The first global soil moisture product derived from the Active Microwave Instrument (AMI) on-board the European Remote Sensing satellites 1 and 2 (ERS-1 / 2) was released in 2002.