Minimize Applications

The objective of GOME is to observe upwelling solar radiation reflected or scattered in the Earth's atmosphere and from its surface. The measured spectrum contains absorption features which can be used to derive quantitative information on the presence of ozone, and of a number of other atmospheric species. In addition to the improved backscattering technique, GOME exploits the full capabilities of the enhanced ATSR-2. The GOME measurement concept is based on `Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy' (DOAS), a technology proven in balloon flights.

GOME objectives include measurement of total column amounts and stratospheric and tropospheric profiles of ozone on a daily basis,  measurement of column amounts of H2O and other gases involved in ozone photochemistry (like NO2, OClO, BrO, and possibly ClO in anticyclonic conditions, and pollutants like SO2 and HClO). GOME can also be used to investigate the distribution of atmospheric aerosols and clouds-plus-surface spectral reflectance.

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