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ASAR instrument will soon resume its routine operations

03 June 2003

The ENVISAT ASAR instrument was unavailable since 12 May 2003, following the failure of a component located within one of the instrument sub-systems.

ENVISAT Doris data

02 June 2003

ENVISAT Doris data are now routinely processed and distributed to the user community. Those data sets are available on a ftp server located at French PAC.

ENVISAT radar altimeter data (RA-2 and MWR merged products)

02 June 2003

ENVISAT radar altimeter data (RA-2 and MWR merged products) are now routinely processed and distributed to the user community. Those data sets are available on a ftp server located at French PAC.

Update on ASAR Unavailability

27 May 2003

Following an on-board anomaly, the ENVISAT ASAR instrument has been switched down on 14 May 2003. The investigation team has made good progress in identifying the faulty on-board sub-system.

ASAR Unavailability

21 May 2003

The ENVISAT ASAR instrument is currently unavailable until further notice following an on-board anomaly on 12-May-03 00:00. An investigation team (ESA-industry) is working on the anomaly with the objective to resume the instrument operations as soon as possible. Check this page for updates as to when ASAR operations will resume.

Confirmation of Envisat mission interruption between 18 May and 21 May

09 May 2003

The payload interruption is confirmed to take place between 18 May and 21 May. All instruments will be switched down on 18 May (4:45 UTC). After an out-of-plane manoeuvre and on-board software changes, the instruments will be gradually switched on starting on 20 May. The mission will be fully operational on 21 May. The operational use of Artemis relay is now planned for end June.

Envisat Summer School

08 April 2003

The Envisat Summer School is a high level teaching activity where lecturers of international standing will treat the subject of Data Assimilation in depth. Students will be introduced to the theoretical basics of atmospheric satellite data analysis, how satellite observations are made, together with the basics of meteorology and numerical models.

MERIS User Workshop (Frascati, Italy).

08 April 2003

The MERIS Users Workshop will take place during the week of 10th November (exact days to be confimed) and will give the principal investigators the opportunity to present results from their on-going AO research projects using primarily MERIS data and to discuss the state-of-the art in their respective Earth science disciplines. Specifically, the workshop will focus on the results of the 2003 MERIS data analysis, intercomparison with other optical instrument data, and user issues.

Product Availability

14 March 2003

Full details of the Envisat product availability are now available including information on product quality.

No Envisat data acquisition during Leonid Meteor storm

11 November 2002

The Envisat payload will be switched off approximatelly from orbit 3752 (18/11/2002 04:33) until orbit 3789 (20/11/2002 18:35), as part of the preventive measures taken to minimize the risk of collition during the Leonids Meteor Shower. As the timining of the meteor shower peaks may change, the period of unavailability may be slightly modified accordingly.

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