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Envisat – MIPAS Level 2 dataset re-processed with ML2PP version 7.03 is available online

14 September 2016

The Level 2 re-processing of the full MIPAS mission (from 01/07/2002 up to 08/04/2012, including the Full Resolution and the Optimized Resolution mission phases) has been completed with the ESA processor ML2PP version 7.03, and the data have been assessed with respect to their quality.

The re-processed MIP_NL__2P data are made available to the user community for direct download via the ESA centralised dissemination service.

The same account used for the Level 1b v7.11 dataset can be used for accessing the new Level 2 data. The previous Level 2 dataset (ML2PP v6.0) will remain available until further notice on the existing account.

For new users access to MIPAS products is provided through Fast Registration.

ML2PP version 7.03 processor upgrades

The following upgrades have been applied to the processor ML2PP version 7.03:

  • Retrieval of five additional species: COF2, CCl4, HCN, CFC-14, HCFC-22.
  • Implementation of a self-adapting altitude-dependent regularization scheme used for the retrieval of H2O and all other species of the retrieval chain, except ozone and HNO3 for which the regularisation scheme as implemented in ML2PP version 6.0 is used.
  • Implementation of a new continuum retrieval approach; leading to larger retrieval stability, with a better convergence towards the minimum of the χ2.
  • Upgraded spectral microwindows for the Full Resolution measurements, leading to a reduction of the bias observed in ML2PP version 6.0 for CH4, N2O, CFC-12.
  • Handling of diurnally varying climatological profiles, used to define interfering species and initial guess profiles of the target species.
  • Correction of the handling of the COCl2 interfering species in the retrieval chain, leading to a reduction of the CFC-11 bias observed in ML2PP version 6.0.

Re-processed Level 2 dataset

The new Level 2 version 7.03 data products are identified by the following fields:

MPH Field Value
Processing Stage flag W
Processing Centre DSI
Software Version ML2PP/7.03

Products format and tools

The MIPAS Level 2 products generated with ML2PP v7.03 have an updated format available online, due to the introduction of five additional retrieved species. The format changes are described in the latest version of the Product Specification document.

The Basic Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT) v. 6.10, VISAN v. 3.12.1 and CODA v. 2.17 have been updated accordingly in order to read the new products, allowing fields' extraction and data handling.


More detailed information on all changes implemented for the reprocessing campaign with ML2PP version 7.03 is available on the ESA Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms portal: