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Envisat GOMOS - Level 2 products in NetCDF4 - Change of access

01 March 2017

GOMOS Level 2 products (GOM_NL_2P - IPF v6.01) are now also available as user friendly products (UFP) in NetCDF4 format.

In addition users are informed that the full mission Envisat GOMOS Level 1 and 2 data sets (from 15/04/2002 to 08/04/2012), reprocessed with the ESA processor IPF version 6.01, have been migrated to the ESA EO centralised online dissemination service.

New GOMOS User Friendly Products (UFP)

Two different GOMOS user friendly products are provided in NetCDF4 format:

    These products are occultation based (dark and bright) and include all GOMOS Level 2 constituent profiles (O3, NO2, NO3, O2, H2O, air, aerosols) and HRTP profiles with all the essential parameters as in the original Envisat data set format.
  • GOMOS_UFP_Gridded:
    These products are GOMOS Level 2 constituent profiles and are altitude gridded. Quality flags are applied and only high quality profiles are included in the data set. The products are constituent based and collected on a yearly basis.

See further details in the Quality Readme file for the GOMOS User Friendly Products.

Change in Envisat GOMOS Data Access

Access to the GOMOS Level 1b and Level 2 data (IPF version 6.01) has been changed and the data sets are now available together with the new user friendly products in NetCDF4 format on the following ESA dissemination server:


New users can obtain access via Registration

ESA EO users already having a Registration for Envisat GOMOS data can retrieve the new access information via the "My Online data" area on the My Earthnet pages entering with their personal EO-SSO account.

Note that access to the current GOMOS FTP server at the D-PAC ( is being phased out and will be disabled on 15 March 2017.

Please contact EOHelp if any further clarification or assistance is required to access the GOMOS data via the new service.