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New service open to (A)SAR data users: ESA's Envisat ASAR Image Mode archive released for On-The-Fly data download

28 July 2016

As previously anticipated, ESA has implemented a significant improvement for users to obtain (A)SAR data products.

The new On-The-Fly (OTF) service enables users to trigger (A)SAR L1 data processing and data download directly from ESA's complete archive.

ESA is pleased to announce the opening of the new On-The-Fly data processing and data download (OTF) service for the complete Envisat ASAR Image Mode archive.

The service allows users to generate ASAR Level 1 products, namely IMS and IMP in Envisat format, directly from ESA's Level 0 data archive and download the generated "standard scene" products through the ASAR Image Mode 'On-The-Fly' collection of the EOLI-SA user interface.

Users from existing active ESA Cat-1 projects have automatically been migrated to the new service and can start downloading ASAR Image mode data products immediately, using their EO-SSO ID for authentication.

To acquire data download rights, new users not associated to a previous CAT-1 proposal are invited to create an EO-SSO account if not yet available, and to complete the Fast Registration process on the ESA EO Data Portal to gain access to the new OTF service.

There are some daily download quota restrictions to ensure a fair usage of resources between many users.

In the case that the daily OTF download quota for L1 products is not sufficient, or if access to a limited amount of Level 0 data is required in addition, users can submit a Data Service Request to ESA. Users are informed that for ERS-Envisat (A)SAR data access the ESA procedure for Cat-1 project proposal submission has been dismissed. The new service request mechanism allows users with specific data needs to request enhanced access to the OTF service.

Furthermore the Agency would like to inform all the users that the complete Envisat-ERS (A)SAR data portfolio of the On-The-Fly service will be released gradually. Following this release for Envisat ASAR Image Mode data, delta service releases are scheduled to add Envisat ASAR Alternating Polarisation Mode (AP) data in September 2016, Wide Swath Mode (WS) data in December 2016 and the ERS-1 and ERS-2 SAR data archive in Q1 2017.

In support of the current ramp-up to the full data scope of the OTF service, ESA has implemented mitigation measures to continue serving users with data products not yet accessible through the On-The-Fly service.

For this reason, users will notice some changes in data ordering/delivery procedures and could in some cases experience longer delivery times.

For further information on access and use of the On-the-Fly service please refer to the OTF FAQ page or contact the EOHelp team.