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Envisat - Release of GOMOS UFP datasets v1 Issue 2 (User Friendly Products)

01 August 2017

The regenerated GOMOS User Friendly Products (UFP) datasets v1, Issue 2 in netCDF-4 format are now available to users via the ESA EO centralised online dissemination service.

Following the release of the previous version (v1, Issue 1) of the UFP datasets on 1 March 2017, inconsistencies were detected and the access to the anomalous datasets on the ESA FTP server was disabled. See news of 9 May 2017.

The updated GOMOS User Friendly Products (v1, Issue 2) reflects a correction of the following identified erroneous variables:

  • The time variables (time, time_start, time-end)
  • The mpv-variable

The new release of the UFP datasets is available to users on the ESA FTP server together with the full mission archive of the Envisat GOMOS Level 1 and Level 2 products.

For new users access is granted upon Fast Registration.