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Envisat - Release of GOMOS UFP datasets v1 Issue 2 (User Friendly Products)

01 August 2017

The regenerated GOMOS User Friendly Products (UFP) datasets v1, Issue 2 in netCDF-4 format are now available to users via the ESA EO centralised online dissemination service.

Following the release of the previous version (v1, Issue 1) of the UFP datasets on 1 March 2017, inconsistencies were detected and the access to the anomalous datasets on the ESA FTP server was disabled. See news of 9 May 2017.

The updated GOMOS User Friendly Products (v1, Issue 2) reflects a correction of the following identified erroneous variables:

  • The time variables (time, time_start, time-end)
  • The mpv-variable

The new release of the UFP datasets is available to users on the ESA FTP server together with the full mission archive of the Envisat GOMOS Level 1 and Level 2 products.

Users that already have a registration for access to GOMOS data can retrieve the server credentials for the relevant datasets by logging into their EO-SSO account and either accessing the "My Online data" area on the My Earthnet pages, or via the "Get Data" button in the GOMOS product descriptions.

For new users access is granted upon Fast Registration.