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Envisat - Entire MERIS FRS L1 archive processed for online distribution

05 September 2013

10 years of Envisat MERIS Level 1 Full Resolution data (FRS - 300m) covering the entire archive from May 2002 to April 2012 has for the first time been systematically processed, and the Agency is planning to release access to the full FRS L1 dataset from a new MERCI server in autumn 2013.

In addition to the MERIS Reduced Resolution (RR) data, also, the complete dataset of MERIS Full Resolution (FRS) L1 data will then be freely available to the user community for direct download online.

The calibration is now harmonised across the full mission and is consistent with the 3rd MERIS Reduced Resolution (RR) reprocessing. See related news of 01 July 2011.

Processing of the MERIS Level 2 FRS archive (with 3rd reprocessing configuration) is foreseen to take place in 2014.

The MERIS FR/FRS Level 1 on-request production service will be gradually phased out after the release of the FRS L1 mission dataset online.

Please contact EOHelp for any further information.