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Envisat ASAR WS data available via the ESA On-The-Fly service

15 December 2016

ESA is pleased to announce that the full Envisat ASAR Wide Swath (WS) archive has been included in the data portfolio of the (A)SAR On-The-Fly (OTF) service.

The release of the ASAR WS data completes the ASAR archive on OTF allowing for direct generation and download of ASAR IMS, IMP, APS, APP and WSS Level 1 products in Envisat format.

Processing and download of the generated "standard scene" Level 1 products is performed directly through the EOLI-SA user interface via the following collections:

  • ASAR Image Mode (On The Fly)
  • ASAR Alternating Polarisation (On The Fly)
  • ASAR Wide Swath (On The Fly)

Users already retrieving ASAR IM and AP mode data through OTF will automatically have access to the additional ASAR WS data.

Release of the ERS-1 and ERS-2 SAR data archive on OTF is expected in Q1/2017.

Please note that Envisat ASAR medium resolution and Global Monitoring Level 1 products (WSM, IMM, APM and GM) are not available through OTF but via direct download from a separate ESA dissemination service following a simple user registration.

For the ASAR Medium Resolution data, see also the HEDAVI service.

In order to obtain further information on the (A)SAR On-The-Fly service, please refer to the links below or contact the EOHelp Team.