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Envisat AATSR LST (UOL) dataset available online

19 June 2014

A new Envisat AATSR Land Surface Temperature (LST) dataset has been generated and supplied to ESA by the University of Leicester (UOL), UK. The dataset has now been released to the ESA Earth Observation user community.

The LST products (ATS_LST_2P) have been generated in netCDF format using the recently reprocessed AATSR L1 data as input and contain full resolution nadir-view Land Surface Temperature (LST) values.

The same LST retrieval method as for the Gridded Surface Temperature (ATS_NR__2P) products is used, however significantly improved auxiliary datasets for land cover, green vegetation fraction and total column water vapour are applied.

In addition to LST, the UOL LST products contain the aforementioned auxiliary information, LST uncertainty estimates, NDVI and quality control flags.

Further details are available in the LST Level 2 User Guide.

Data Access

The UOL LST products are accessible on-line via FTP together with the previously released Envisat AATSR and ERS ATSR-1/2 datasets from the 3rd reprocessing.
See related news of 13 December 2013.


Customers already registered for access to the (A)ATSR service can use the same credentials to retrieve the new products.

For new users, access is provided upon Fast Registration.

Please contact EOHelp for any further information.