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Primary mission objectives

The primary scientific objective is the global measurement of trace gases in the troposhere and the stratosphere. The following table identifies the list of molecules that can be measured by SCIAMACHY in the different spectral regions.

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Secondary mission objectives

  • Aerosol measurements
    The large wavelength scale of SCIAMACHY makes it ideally suited to the determination of atmospheric aerosols. This analysis will be assisted by the polarization information that can be determined from the PMDs (polarization measurement devices). Go to "Chemistry".
  • Cloud measurements
    In nadir viewing, O2, O4, and CO2 absorptions will indicate the penetration depth of light in the atmosphere and therefore the cloud top height to be estimated.  The combined use of PMDs data will also yield cloud top height. Polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) which play a very important role in the ozone depletion mechanism will be readily measured by SCIAMACHY. Go to "Clouds & Precipitation".
  • Pressure and temperature measurements
    Stratospheric density/pressure profiles can be determined from the limb and occultation profiles of the well-mixed gases O2 and CO2. Go to "Radiation & Temperature".
  • Land and ocean measurements
    SCIAMACHY will provide global information on the surface spectral reflectance in the range 0.33 µm to 2.5 µm for large scale processes. Go to "Land" and "Oceans".
  • Earth radiation budget
    SCIAMACHY spectral observations, in conjunction with model calculations, should contribute significantly to radiation budget studies. Go to "Radiation & Temperature".