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SCIAMACHY Operations Setup

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2.4.6 SCIAMACHY Operations Setup

Operations of the instrument include mission planning, configuration control of the on-board measurement status and instrument monitoring. Due to its status as an AO instrument, operational responsibilities for SCIAMACHY were split between ESA and DLR/NIVR. Agreements define that FOCC executes daily SCIAMACHY flight operations as for all other ENVISAT instruments but based on input from the AOP, whereas operational offline tasks are assigned to DLR/NIVR. On the AOP side, the SCIAMACHY Operations Support Team (SOST) interfaces with ESA, particularly FOCC, to fulfil these functions in order to accomplish safe operations and generation of high quality measurement data.

SOST has established a dedicated website at to report about the past, present and planned status of SCIAMACHY mission planning, instrument configuration and long-term monitoring results. This site includes not only dynamic information but informs also about orbit properties and the overall operations and mission planning concept. A comprehensive description of the final flight states, the corresponding valid parameter settings and a list of timelines supplement the website.

Table of Contents


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