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6.3.3 Limb

The limb retrieval can be summarized into the following steps:


1) Forward Model Calculation


Calculation of the line-of-sight through the atmosphere


Calculation of single and multiple scattering terms for each layer


First approximation of the radiation field with pseudo-spherical approximation (also called independent pixel approximation).


Calculation of the radiation field with Picard iteration with open boundaries (fully spherical) using the radiation field calculated in the previous step as the initial field.


2) Inversion: Thikonov regularisation with a-priori parameter choice method.

The profiles are calculated fromthe first cloud free height (taken from the Limb cloud product, see below) above a predefined minimum height up to 100 km. Before the inversion the spectra are divided by the measured spectrum at a configurable reference height. For each state a maximum of 4 profiles in East-West direction are calculated (depending on the integration time of the state. Fig. 6-5 depicts the s/w architecture of both limb retrieval algorithms with two preparational steps and the retrieval of the profile information. Ozone Profile

Input spectra
Calibration All calibrations applied
Retrieval Height Range 13.5 (or lowest cloud free height) - 46 km
Fit Settings
Fitting Interval 520 - 590 nm  
Polynomial Degree 4th order  
Number of Layers 33
Absorption Cross Sections/Fitted Curves 
O3 Bogumil et al (2003) @243 K  
NO2 Bogumil et al (2003) @243 K  
O3 McLinden (2000)
NO2 McLinden (2000)


Table of Contents
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