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Cloud flagging and top height

Table of Contents Cloud flagging and top height

Input spectra
Calibration All calibrations applied
Retrieval Height Range 0 - 18 km
Reference Height 35 km
Algorithm Settings
Used Wavelengths 337 - 357 nm
Algorithm Based on threshold by ratioing two wavelengths
Number of Layers 33 (?)

6.3.4 Algorithm Baseline Documentation

The algorithm baseline documentation consist of a collection of documents that together give a complete specification of the data processor. The most relevant for the user are:


ATBD L1b-2: Algorithm theoretical baseline description for Level 1b-2 processing <addlink?>. This document describes in detail all retrieval algorithms that are used in the operational processing.


IODD: Input/output data definition for Level 2. This document contains a description of the level 2 format.

Both documents are available at the DLR SCIAMACHY web page.

6.3.5 Data Format Description

SCIAMACHY Level 2 products follow the generalized ENVISAT product structure consisting of ASCII and binary structures.
A Level 2 product includes headers (MPH, SPH), annotation data sets (ADSs) and several measurement data sets (MDSs) depending on the number of fitting window applications.
The main product header (MPH) has a fixed format (as described in ENVISAT Product Specification Document), and includes information about product identification and data acquisition and processing details.The specific product header (SPH) includes a reference to climatological data base and look-up table versions,the adopted fitting window and retrieved molecule also with the data set description records (DSD).
The annotation data sets (ADS) include condensed quality information, geolocation of the states and three ADSs with information about the states of the product and the detailed geolocation for nadir and limb.
The first measurement data set (MDS) of the Level 2 product includes cloud and aerosol information for each nadir ground pixel.
This data set is followed by the MDSs with geophysical parameters of several fitting windows for Nadir and Limb measurements, associated errors, and diagnostics from the level 1b to 2 algorithms.
The MDSs are labeled according to the type of measurement (nadir, limb or occultation); there are two types of MDSs - one for nadir and the other for limb and occultation, with different record structure.
The number of trace gas constituents retrieved is related to the algorithm baseline version. The Level 2 product is prepared to include results from further fitting window applications that will be introduced with future processor version.
More details regarding the product structure are given in the SCIAMACHY Product Specification document (Volume 15 issue 3L version 1.1) and in the SCIAMACHY Level 1b to 2 Processing IODD.
The format description is also available on the web-page of the Basic Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT), developed by S&T and available at
The BEAT Software provides a set of tools for ingesting, processing, and analyzing SCIAMACHY products.


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