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Atmospheric Gases

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ANNEX 2: Atmospheric Gases

Atmospheric Gases

BrO  Bromine oxide 
CFC  Chlorofluorocarbon 
CFC11  Trichlorofluoromethane 
CHOCHO  Glyoxal 
CH4  Methane 
CH3CN  Acetonitrile 
ClO  Chlorine monoxide 
CO2  Carbon dioxide 
HCHO  Formaldehyde 
HCl  Hydrogen chloride 
HCN  Hydrogen cyanide 
HF  Hydrofluor 
HFC  Hydrofluorocarbon 
HNO3  Nitric acid 
H2O  Water vapour 
IO  Iodine oxide 
NAT  Nitric acid trihydrate 
NO  Nitric oxide 
NO2  Nitrogen dioxide 
NO3  Nitrate radical 
N2O  Nitrous oxide 
OClO  Chlorine dioxide 
OH  Hydroxyl radical 
O3  Ozone 
O2  Oxygen (molecular) 
O2(1D)   Oxygen (singlet delta) 
O4  Oxygen (dimer) 
SO2  Sulphur dioxide 

Table of Contents
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