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CryoSat Baseline B data access extended

10 April 2015

CryoSat users are informed that access to previous Baseline B data has been made available via the server "" for a limited period of 6 months. On this server the Baseline B data will be available up to Validity 22 February 2015. Access is possible using the same accounts as for the Science Server.

Users concerned are also informed that from that validity date ESA has already started the generation of products using the Baseline C processor, using the Baseline B orbit model. These "early Baseline C" products are also available on the same Baseline B server. However their use is not recommended as they are actually a hybrid used by ESA to validate and control the operational Baseline C production and may show offsets with regards to both Baseline B and C data.

As previously announced, the official Baseline C production will start with the validity date of 1 April and shall be published on the Science Server only.