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Probing Greenland's ice sheet for future satellites

16 November 2016

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With a helicopter the sole feature on the vast expanse of ice and her only way back to warmth and safety, polar scientist Anna Hogg must have thought, "What on Earth am I doing out here?" as she set to taking ice samples.

Anna and fellow scientist Andrew Shepherd, from the University of Leeds in the UK, spent two days extracting long cylindrical ice cores and using instruments to probe the ice sheet as part of an international effort to develop new space technology to monitor our changing polar environment.

Since it was launched in 2010, ESA's CryoSat has been delivering vital information about how the thickness of Earth's ice is changing. To do this, the satellite carries a radar altimeter, and now scientists want to find out if an altimeter working at two wavelengths would provide even better information in the future.

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