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CryoSat detects sudden ice loss in Southern Antarctic Peninsula

22 May 2015

A recent acceleration in ice loss in a previously stable region of Antarctica has been detected by ESA's ice mission.

CryoSat Matlab routines V1.8 now available

15 May 2015

The CryoSat Matlab routines have now been updated to V1.8 which adds the support to CryoSat Baseline C. These routines are now available for download in the Software Tools area.

CryoSat rolls in orbit again for calibration

06 May 2015

Today, 06 May 2015, CryoSat will be rolling left and right in orbit again to help continue its precise measurements of the vast ice sheets that blanket the Greenland and Antarctica areas.

CryoSat - Maintenance on the Science Server - 6 May 2015

05 May 2015

CryoSat users are informed that tomorrow, 6 May, between 09:00 and 09:30 CEST, the Science Server will undergo a planned maintenance by the service provider.

The server may be unreachable during this time window. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Remembering Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo

05 May 2015

Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo tragically went missing on 29 April 2015 whilst on expedition in the Canadian High Arctic, in a location near Bathurst Island, some 200 km north of Resolute Bay, Nunavut. It is feared that the two Dutch polar explorers fell through the ice into the water whilst traversing dangerously thin ice in a region of open sea ice.

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Join the virtual classroom

04 May 2015

Registration is open for a free online course that provides an introduction to monitoring climate change using satellite Earth observation.

CryoSat Baseline C ice products are now available

04 May 2015

CryoSat Scientific Users are informed that, as already anticipated last week, the ice OFFL Baseline C official products are now available on the Science Server starting with validity 01 April 2015. On the same server, users can also find the ocean Baseline B products, computed with the same new precise orbit model (GDR-E) used for the ice Baseline C products.

CryoSat Baseline C - Ice products update

28 April 2015

CryoSat users are informed that due to calendar combinations, the current schedule for the delivery on the Science Server of the first ice OFFL Baseline C products, with validity 01 April 2015, foresees that it will be made available on 04 May 2015.

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Fast access to CryoSat's Arctic ice measurements now available

17 April 2015

ESA's ice mission has become the first satellite to provide information on Arctic sea-ice thickness in near-real time to aid maritime activities in the polar region.

CryoSat Baseline B data access extended

10 April 2015

CryoSat users are informed that access to previous Baseline B data has been made available via the server "" for a limited period of 6 months. On this server the Baseline B data will be available up to Validity 22 February 2015. Access is possible using the same accounts as for the Science Server.

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