Minimize CryoSat in the News

CryoSat-2 mission reveals major Arctic sea-ice loss
(UCL, February 2013)


Arctic tipping point: A North Pole without ice
(Yale Environment 360, August 2012)

Arctic sea ice 'melting faster'
(BBC News, August 2012)

CryoSat mission's new views of polar ice
(BBC News, April 2012)


CryoSat mission delivers first sea-ice map
(BBC News, June 2011)


CryoSat data reveals Arctic ocean circulation
(PlanetEarth online, December 2010)

CryoSat ice mission returns first science
(BBC News, December 2010)

High above the Earth, satellites track melting ice
(Yale Environment 360, July 2010)

CryoSat-2 focuses on ice target
(BBC News, June 2010)

Cryosat-2 - A measure of Europe's ambition
(BBC Spaceman Blog, April 2010)

Europe's CryoSat-2 'ice explorer' ready for lift-off
(BBC News, April 2010)

Space probe set to size up polar ice
(, April 2010)

CryoSat: more important than ever
(ESA Bulletin 141, February 2010)


A look around the 'ice explorer'
(BBC News, September 2009)

Ice mission returns for second go
(BBC News, September 2009)

SIRAL, a new generation of space altimeter
(Thales Alenia Space, September 2009)


Arctic ice thickness 'plummets'
(BBC News, October 2008)


Explorers' quest for key ice data
(BBC News, October 2007)


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