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The Sentinel-5 mission focuses on monitoring of trace gas concentrations and aerosols in the atmosphere to support operational services covering air-quality near-real time applications, air-quality protocol monitoring and climate protocol monitoring.

The Sentinel-5/UVNS instrument is a high resolution spectrometer system operating in the ultraviolet to shortwave infrared range with 7 different spectral bands: UV-1 (270-300nm), UV-2 (300-370nm), VIS (370-500nm), NIR-1 (685-710nm), NIR-2 (755-773nm), SWIR-1 (1590-1675nm) and SWIR-3 (2305-2385nm). Its spatial resolution is below 8km for wavelengths above 300nm and below 50km for wavelength below 300nm.

Mission Lifetime: 

7.5 years

Mission Objectives:

  • Air Quality measurements
  • Stratospheric Ozone monitoring
  • Solar Radiation measurements
  • Climate monitoring

Mission Orbit:

  • Orbit Type: LEO, polar, Sun-synchronous
  • Orbit Height: 817 km
  • Inclination: 98.4701o
  • Repeat cycle: 29 days

Data products:

The main data products will be O3, NO2, SO2, HCHO, CO, CH4 and aerosol optical depth.


Airbus Defence & Space (Ottobrunn) is the prime contractor of the Sentinel-5/UVNS instrument.