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Sentinel-4 is dedicated to atmospheric monitoring, and will consist of payloads carried aboard EUMETSAT's Meteosat Third Generation satellites.

The mission aims to provide continuous monitoring of the composition of the Earth's atmosphere at high temporal and spatial resolution and the data will be used to support monitoring and forecasting over Europe.

The mission will utilise two sensors, UVN and IRS, and EUMETSAT's FCI, aboard the MTG-Imager satellite, will provide additional data for the mission.

Mission Details:

Planned Launch Date:

  • MTG-I - 2017
  • MTG-S - 2019

Operational lifespan: TBA

Mission Objectives:

  • Air Quality measurements
  • Stratospheric Ozone monitoring
  • Solar Radiation measurements
  • Climate monitoring

Mission Orbit:

Orbit Type: TBA
Orbit Height: TBA
Inclination: TBA
Repeat Cycle: TBA


  • UVN (Ultraviolet Visible Near-infrared) spectrometer
  • IRS (InfraRed Sounder)

Resolution and Swath Width:
8 KM with a resolution between 0.12 nm and 0.5 nm

Configuration: TBA

Data products:
The main data products will be O3, NO2, SO2, HCHO and aerosol optical depth

Thales Alenia Space has been contracted to construct the Meteosat Third Generation spacecraft
Astrium is contracted to provide the sensors