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The Sentinel-4 mission focuses on monitoring of trace gas concentrations and aerosols in the atmosphere to support operational services covering air-quality near-real time applications, air-quality protocol monitoring and climate protocol monitoring. The specific objective of Sentinel-4 is to support this with a high revisit time over Europe.

The Sentinel-4/UVN instrument is a high resolution spectrometer system operating with 3 designated bands in the solar reflectance spectrum, covering the ultraviolet (305-400 nm), visible (400-500 nm) and near-infrared (750-775 nm) bands. The central Sentinel-4/UVN instrument parameters are a spatial sampling of 8 km over Europe and a fast repeat cycle over Europe and North Africa (Sahara) of 60 minutes.

The respective spectral resolution is 0.5 nm in the ultraviolet and visible bands, with the goal of 0.12 nm in near-infrared.

Mission Lifetime:

8.5 years

Mission Objectives:

  • Air Quality measurements
  • Stratospheric Ozone monitoring
  • Solar Radiation measurements
  • Climate monitoring

Mission Orbit:

Orbit type: Geostationary

Data products:

The main data products will be O3, NO2, SO2, HCHO and aerosol optical depth.


Airbus Defence & Space (Ottobrunn) is the prime contractor of the Sentinel-4/UVN instrument.