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16 February 2016
Third Sentinel satellite launched for Copernicus

17 June 2015
Sentinel-3 strips off

04 December 2014
Sentinel-3 fully formed

24 April 2014
Sentinel-3 stacks up

6 December 2013
Science meets Sentinel-3

09 February 2012
Rockot to launch two Sentinel satellites

16 December 2011
Two GMES satellites to be launched on Europe's new Vega rocket

20 October 2011
Winning ideas of the first GMES Masters Competition

10 October 2011
Satellite Rapid Reponse System wins GMES Masters 'Best Service Challenge'

15 June 2011
The European Commission signs agreement to provide ESA with €104 million for GMES funding

24 May 2011
GMES Masters seeks innovative uses for Earth observation data

06 April 2011
Value of Sentinels to science highlighted

17 January 2011
Aiming to bring GMES more into the public eye

20 October 2010
EU GMES regulation adopted

23 July 2010
Great strides for GMES

28 April 2010
ESA calls for Sentinel-3 Mission Advisory Group members

12 March 2010
Thales Alenia Space contracted to build second Sentinel-3 satellite

27 November 2009
ESA Member States approve full and open Sentinel data policy

09 September 2009
ESA campaign reveals glimpse of future Sentinel-3 imagery

20 July 2009
ESA and EUMETSAT sign Framework Agreement for the GMES programme

11 March 2009
CNES is contracted to provide a DORIS instrument for Sentinel-3A

03 February 2009
ESA begins implementation of Phase-2 of Segment 2 of the GMES Space Component Programme

28 January 2009
ESA and the European Commission sign an amendment to the GMES agreement, extending the scope to Segment 2 of the GMES Space Component Programme

10 December 2008
ESA starts to make data available for GMES

09 December 2008
Second phase of GMES gets go-ahead at Ministerial Council

18 November 2008
GMES video news release

16 September 2008
Kopernikus is presented as the new name of the Sentinel missions at the GMES 2008 Lille Forum

05 September 2008
More than 40 Earth Observation missions team up to provide data to the Global Monitoring for Evironment and Security programme

14 April 2008
Thales Alenia Space is contracted to build the first Sentinel-3 satellite

28 February 2008
ESA and European Commission sign agreement for the establishment of a European Commission budget of €624 million for the Sentinels

19 December 2007
ESA and European Commission sign the GMES Space Component Data Access (GSC-DA) grant

17 October 2007
Campaign imagery furthers Sentinel development

28 September 2007
ESA approves the transition to Phase-2 of Segment 1 of the GMES Space Component Programme

August 2007
ESA Bulletin 131

20 April 2006
GMES takes centre stage in Graz

28 November 2005
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security is main issue for Third Space Council

04 March 2005
Video shows GMES in action

16 February 2005
GMES comes under Earth and Space Week spotlight

11 February 2005
"A multipurpose tool with high potential": EO Director Voker Liebig discusses GMES

23 September 2004
ESA gives green light to funding for GMES

08 September 2004
Envisat Symposium Report Day 2: GMES turns science to services - taking satellite data out of the lab, into our lives.

11 May 2004
Plea in favour of environmental monitoring

09 April 2003
Industry gathers for ESA/EC global monitoring programme

19 August 2002
September roll-out planned for €83 million GMES Services programme

19 March 2002
ESA and the Commission kick off action plan for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security