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Three candidate Earth Explorer Core missions are currently undergoing Feasibility Study (Phase A). One of these missions will eventually be selected for implementation and thus lead to the launch of ESA's seventh Earth Explorer mission around 2016.

Minimize BIOMASS
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Observe global forest biomass to gain a better understanding of the carbon cycle

Mission Objective:

The objective of the BIOMASS Mission is to determine the global distribution of forest biomass by reducing the uncertainty in the calculation of carbon stock and fluxes associated with the terrestrial biosphere.

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Observe snow and ice to gain a better understanding of the water cycle.

Mission Objective:

The objective of the CoReH2O mission is to fill the gaps in current information on snow, glaciers and surface water. CoReH2O will improve the modelling and prediction of water balance and stream-flow for snow-covered and glacierised basins, the modelling of water and energy cycles at high latitudes, and the forecasting of water supply from snow cover and glaciers, including the relation to climate change and variability.

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Observe atmospheric composition for a better understanding of chemistry-climate interactions

Mission Objective:

The objective of the PREMIER mission is to quantify the processes controlling global atmospheric composition in the mid/upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (5-25 km height range), which is a region of particular importance for climate change.