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Fourth Swarm Science Meeting - 9-13 May 2016

22 September 2015

ESA is pleased to announce that the Fourth Swarm Science Meeting will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, as part of ESA's Living Planet Symposium 2016, from 9 to 13 May 2016.

New Swarm Level 2 Cat-2 data now available

03 September 2015

New Swarm Level 2 Cat-2 data are available starting from 27/08/2015. Field-Aligned Currents (FAC), derived from both single and combined spacecraft data are again available, and Equatorial Electric Field data (EEF) are also now available.

Swarm Langmuir Probe preliminary dataset updated

24 August 2015

The Langmuir Probe preliminary dataset, containing ionospheric electron density and temperature, have been updated for the three Swarm spacecraft up to 18 August 2015.

Issues with the Swarm EFIx_PL_1B 0401 data

13 August 2015

Due to technical issues, the EFIx_PL_1B production has been stopped. The problem is currently being assessed.

For more details, please read carefully the User Note.

Changes in the Swarm Level 1B operational processor

22 July 2015

From 18 July 2015, changes in the Swarm data processing have been introduced.

Key points: magnetic products corrected by the scalar residuals are now directly computed by the operational processor; EFIx_PL_1B are generated directly from the operational processor and can be accessed in the Current folder.

Swarm session at AGU Fall Meeting

20 July 2015

At the next AGU Fall meeting, which will take place in San Francisco from 14 to 18 December, there will be a dedicated session to Swarm.

New Swarm Orbit Counter auxiliary data file

09 July 2015

The new Swarm Orbit Counter auxiliary data file is now available on the Swarm dissemination server in the directory: Auxiliary/Sat_x/AUXxORBCNT

Swarm Level 2 products released

01 July 2015

As announced at the IUGG General Assembly 2015, the first official Swarm core field models were released. In addition, the Swarm magnetospheric field model from the comprehensive inversion as well as the 1D model of mantle conductivity and 1D C-response maps were released.

Swarm GPSR update

01 July 2015

The GPSR settings on the Swarm C satellite were changed on 6 May 2015 in order to further improve the receiver performance:

  • The bandwidth of the L1-carrier loop was increased by 50%
  • The bandwidth of the L2-carrier and P(Y)-code loops was increased by 100%
  • The fast reacquisition of the L1-carrier tracking was enabled by increasing the retry counter from zero to five
  • The number of tracked GPS satellites required by the onboard Kalman filter for calculating a valid navigation solution was reduced from three to one

Swarm Total Electron Current products

18 June 2015

The production of the Total Electron Content (TEC) data has started on 8 June 2015. The description of these products and scientific quality validation is documented here.

Swarm - B_NEC values fixed in a new set of corrected magnetic data

21 May 2015

A problem was found in the B_NEC values of the recently corrected Swarm magnetic data. For this reason, the MAGx_LR_1B products have been re-computed and made available again on the ESA FTP server in the "Current" folder.

Swarm Ionospheric Bubble Index and Field-Aligned Current products

14 May 2015

From 09 May 2015 the production of the Ionospheric Bubble Index (IBI) product has started, and the production of the Field Aligned Currents (FAC) derived from single spacecraft measurements has been restored.

Swarm Provisional Plasma Dataset: Caution recommended in using data from 13/01/2015 onwards

13 May 2015

From 13 January 2015 onwards, the Langmuir probe data (~/Advanced/Provisional_Plasma_dataset/Langmuir_Probes_Data) come without Flag>257 for the sweep mode timestamps. It is therefore difficult to identify and discard the sweep mode intervals.

Swarm GPSR update

13 May 2015

The GPSR antenna field of view was increased in steps to 88 degrees on the Swarm C satellite in order to find the optimal setting. Following the analysis of the GPSR performance on Swarm C, the antenna field of view has been increased to 88 degrees also on the other Swarm satellites.

Swarm L2 precise orbit products now cover the period from launch to March 2015

13 May 2015

The L2 precise orbit products now cover the period from launch to 31 March 2015 for all Swarm spacecraft. Two types of orbit products are available:

  • SP3AKIN_2_ products: time series of position of the centre of mass of each satellite from kinematic precise orbit determination
  • SP3ACOM_2_ products: time series of position and velocity of the centre of mass of each satellite from reduced-dynamic precise orbit determination

Corrected Swarm magnetic data moved to the "Current" folder on the ESA FTP server

30 April 2015

As already reported here, a set of Swarm magnetic data corrected from external disturbance effects was made available in a dedicated area of the ESA FTP server two weeks ago.

Corrected Swarm magnetic data now available

13 April 2015

As anticipated in January we are pleased to announce that a set of corrected Swarm magnetic data is now available.

Recovery of Swarm data gaps completed

10 April 2015

After the ASM on Swarm Charlie stopped its operations on 5 November 2014, the whole set of Level 1B magnetic data was not produced for that spacecraft. An improvement in the data processor has been recently introduced (for more details see the Swarm User Note) and the Level 1B magnetic data for Swarm Charlie based on the VFM instrument only have been recovered. The magnetic data coverage for Swarm Charlie is now complete.

New Swarm Level 1B data processor deployed in operations and Swarm Charlie magnetic data based on Vector Field Magnetometer available

27 February 2015

Since 24 February 2015, a new version of the Swarm Level 1B data processor has been deployed in operations. The most important feature to be noted is the capability to generate magnetic Level 1B products based on Vector Field Magnetometer inputs only, in order to cope with failures of the Absolute Scalar Magnetometer, as occurred on 5 November 2014 on Swarm Charlie.

First release of Swarm L2 precise orbit products

18 February 2015

A first set of L2 precise orbits has been released. The products cover the period from launch to the end of 2014 for all Swarm spacecraft.

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