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Reprocessing of Swarm magnetic L1b data successfully completed

14 July 2014

The reprocessing of the complete set of magnetic L1b data has finished successfully. The newly available data are ready to be downloaded by the scientific community on the dissemination server.

The magnetometer low rate products have been regenerated with the latest values of the Euler angles from launch to 4 July 2014 with the schema SW_OPER_MAGx_LR_1B and file counter 0302. These products supersede previous RPRO and OPER files with counter 0301. As as 5 July, the nominal processing chain is using the new Euler angles, and daily products are being generated with SW_OPER_MAGx_LR_1B schema and file counter 0301 as usual.

All regenerated and current data can be found under the /Swarm_L1B_MAG_STR/03/ subdirectory as it was previously.

This reprocessing was triggered by scientific experts forming the Swarm calibration/validation team. Background information regarding the reasons for this reprocessing can be found here.


Addendum - Please note that an error in the q_STR_VFM values reported in the header files (HDR) of the magnetometer low rate products was recently discovered. This affects the data from mission launch to 4 July 2014. The values have been corrected for data from 5 July 2014 onwards. For more information, please click here.