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Swarm Charlie: data gaps from 28 April 2019

06 May 2019

We would like to inform Swarm users that an on-board anomaly occurring on Swarm Charlie caused data gaps on all L0, L1A and L1B data products from 28 April 2019 onwards.

In particular, GPS and STR data are missing from 28/04/2019 06:53 UTC to 30/04/2019 13:50 UTC; and ACC, MAGNET and PLASMA data are missing from 28/04/209 06:53 UTC to 02/05/2019 17:36 UTC.

Upon re-establishing a safe operational platform configuration and recovering all payloads to their nominal functioning, the Swarm team is now investigating the exact nature of the anomaly aiming at minimising the loss of redundancy caused by the failure.