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New Swarm Level 2 magnetic field models released

09 April 2018

The first models of the fourth release of Swarm magnetic field models are now available to users. The new models are based on improved Swarm magnetometer data (MAGx_LR_1B data products, baseline 05, version 03), covering the period from launch to the end of 2017, i.e. one additional year in comparison to the previous release. In addition to this, they are also based on satellite magnetic data from other missions, e.g. CHAMP, which is a new feature of the models that enhances their quality.

The magnetic field models can be downloaded from the ESA FTP server, where they are located in the '/Level2longterm' directory. The following models are available:

  • Core field models MCO_SHA_2C and MCO_SHA_2D and the new fast and frequently updated core field model MCO_SHA_2X
  • New model of the average magnetic field and polar current system MIO_SHA_2E
  • Lithospheric field models MLI_SHA_2C and MLI_SHA_2D
  • New model of the M2 oceanic tidal signal MTI_SHA_2C

These models are either new or reflect an evolution with respect to the previously released models. The models of the large-scale magnetospheric field MMA_SHA_2C and the ionospheric field models MIO_SHA_2C and MIO_SHA_2D will be released within the next few weeks.

For more details on the models' content and format, please refer to the Level 2 Product Definitions and Level 2 Product Format pages.