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Copyright: ESA–P. Carril, 2013


The purpose of the Swarm Product Data Handbook is to provide a detailed description of the Swarm Level 1b and Swarm Level 2 products distributed to the Swarm users. These products include Swarm magnetic field models, ionospheric and thermospheric products, and Precise Orbit Solutions including supporting information. The product handbook is intended to support the use of the Level 1b and Level 2 products for further processing or application.

The Swarm Level 1b data products are the corrected and formatted output from each of the three Swarm satellites. By a complex assimilation of these individual satellite measurements into one set of products for the satellite constellation, the Swarm Level 2 Processor ensures a very significant improvement of the quality of the final scientific data products.

The definition and justification of Swarm Level 1b data is documented in [AD-5], Swarm Level 2 data and auxiliary products are documented in [AD-1] and [AD-2] of the ESA Swarm study under ESA contract no. 20969/07/NL/JA.

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Swarm L1b and L2 Data Access

In accordance with ESA Earth Observation Data Policy, all Swarm Level 1b and Level 2 products are freely accessible to all users via anonymous access.

They can be downloaded :

The FTP top-level structure is divided into the 'Level1b', 'Level2daily', and 'L2longterm' directories. Within the 'Level1b' and 'Level2daily' directories, the structure presents first the 'Latest baselines' and 'Entire_mission_data' folders, then a Simplified datatype list, and finally the satellite ID, if applicable. More detailed information can be found on the Swarm Data Access web page.

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Swarm Product Filename Extension

The Swarm filename extensions have been changed since 19 January 2017 (11:00 UTC) in order to rationalise the product's filename extensions. There are no changes to files which have already been disseminated. More detailed information can be found in Swarm news changes introduced in Swarm product filename extension.

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The list of acronyms and abbreviations related to the Swarm mission can be downloaded as a pdf document here.

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