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Swarm constellation deploys booms

23 November 2013

Following the successful launch, another critical milestone has been passed. The three Swarm satellites have each deployed their four-metre long boom.

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ESA's Swarm trio on its way to watch over our planet's magnetic shield

22 November 2013

ESA's three-satellite Swarm constellation was lofted into a near-polar orbit by a Russian Rockot launcher on 22 November. For four years, it will monitor Earth's magnetic field, from the depth of our planet's core to the heights of its upper atmosphere.

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Swarm ready for launch

22 November 2013

With the rocket fully fuelled and its electrical checks done, Swarm is set to liftoff today at 12:02 GMT from Plesetsk in northern Russia.

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Swarm mission control ready for triple launch

19 November 2013

After months of intensive training, the Swarm mission control team are ready for liftoff on Friday. The team will carefully shepherd the trio of magnetic explorers through their critical launch and early orbit phase, ready to react to any problem.

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Swarm on the launch pad

18 November 2013

Preparations for Friday's launch of ESA's magnetic explorer have reached an important milestone - the constellation is now in the Plesetsk launch tower.

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Satellites packed like sardines

08 November 2013

The complex task of placing all three Swarm satellites on their launch adapter is complete. This is another significant milestone in preparing ESA's latest Earth observation mission for liftoff, which is now set for 22 November.

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Swarm launch postponed

30 October 2013

The launch of ESA's magnetic field mission from Plesetsk, Russia, has been postponed by about a week.

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Looking to the future of Earth observation

13 September 2013

The Living Planet Symposium has come to a close in Edinburgh, and a week of talking about past, present and future satellite missions, as well as the scientific challenges facing us, has prepared Earth observation for a new chapter.

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ESA's biggest scientific gathering is under way

09 September 2013

The largest Living Planet Symposium ever held has begun. Scientists and users are gathering in Edinburgh, UK, this week to present their latest satellite findings on Earth's environment and climate based.

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Edinburgh readies for major scientific forum

13 August 2013

About 1700 participants of the Living Planet Symposium are expected in the Scottish capital on 9-13 September. To date, over 1100 people have already registered for ESA's largest scientific event of the year, and the number is growing.

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Getting ready for ESA's largest scientific event of the year

10 June 2013

Start planning your week in Edinburgh - the programme for September's Living Planet Symposium is now available online.

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Countdown to the Living Planet Symposium

01 February 2013

With ESA's largest scientific event of the year just nine months away, the deadline for abstract submissions is fast approaching. Organised with the support of the UK Space Agency, ESA will host the Living Planet Symposium on 9-13 September in Edinburgh, UK.

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ESA Euronews: Measuring Earth's vital magnetic field

26 October 2012

Earth's magnetosphere is an invisible shield, protecting our planet from harmful solar radiation. Many living organisms - from bacteria to insects or birds - seem to rely on Earth's magnetic field to navigate.

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Swarm constellation heads north

17 February 2012

The three satellites that make up ESA's Swarm magnetic field mission were presented to the media today. Following a demanding testing programme, the satellites were displayed in the cleanroom before they are shipped to Russia for their July launch.

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Swarm: magnetic field satellites get their bearings

27 October 2011

ESA's Swarm satellites, which will unravel the complexities of Earth's magnetic shield, are being put through their paces to ensure that they will withstand the rigours of space. Marking an important milestone, the first satellite has undergone magnetic testing.

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Construction of Swarm satellites to begin

08 November 2007

Understanding more about the Earth's magnetic field has just come one step closer now that the preliminary design and definition phase of ESA's Swarm mission is complete. In accordance with this important milestone, the project celebrates moving off the 'drawing board' and prepares for the construction of the Swarm satellite constellation.

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