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  • The EGU General Assembly 2019, 7-12 April, 2019, Vienna, Austria
    1. Qamili E, Siemes C, Trenchi L, Tøffner-Clausen L, Buchert S, Catapano F, Bouffard J, Floberghagen R, Vogel P, "Recent updates on the Swarm Level 1B products", PDF

  • 79th Annual Assembly of German Geophysical Society (DGG 2019), 4-7 March, 2019, Braunschweig, Germany
    1. Fluche B, Stolle C, Vervelidou F, Chau JL, Kusche J, Vogt J, Lühr H, "Objectives and Activities of the DFG Priority Programme 1788 Dynamic Earth", PDF

  • Canadian Association of Physicists Division of Atmospheric and Space Physics, 20-22 February, 2019, Saskatoon, Canada
    1. Archer W, Gallardo-Lacourt B, St.-Maurice JP, Buchert SC, Donovan E, "The optical signature of subauroral ion drifts", PDF
    2. Burchill J, Foerster M, "Ion drift and effective mass estimates with the Swarm Langmuir probes", PDF
    3. Fenrich FR, Gillies DM, Donovan E, Knudsen D, "Analysis of field line resonance flows, field-aligned currents, and FLR aurora with SuperDARN, REGO, and Swarm", PDF
    4. Foss V, Yau A, "Molecular and N+ Ions in the Auroral Ionosphere", PDF
    5. Ghadjari H, Knudsen D, Skone S, "Electron density map of the topside ionosphere by Faceplate data of SWARM", PDF
    6. Gillies RG, Vollmerhaus L, Spanswick E, Donovan E, "High resolution detection and tracking of Low Earth Orbit satellites using RISR-C", PDF
    7. Knudsen D, "Swarm EFI and EPOP SEI Science Highlights", PDF
    8. Lira PAR, "Physical model to improve calculated plasma parameters from Swarm Langmuir probes measurements", PDF
    9. Maxworth A, Hussey G, Hird F, Sofko G, James G, Yau A, "Polarization Measurements of Proton Whistlers and other Natural Low-Frequency Radio Emissions Observed by ePOP- RRI", PDF
    10. Maxworth A, Hussey, G Bernhardt P, Nossa E, Hird F, Yau A, "Spectral and Polarization Characteristics of Unexpected Stimulated Natural Radio Emissions as Observed by ePOP-RRI during an Arecibo Heating Campaign", PDF
    11. Mohandesi A, Knudsen D, Skone S, "Comparison Between Equatorial Electron Density and GPS Signal Behavior Using Swarm Observations", PDF
    12. Pakhotin I, Mann IR, Xie K, Burchill J, Knudsen D, "Alfvenic Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling: A Northern Preference for Electromagnetic Energy Input", PDF
    13. Perry GW, Ruzic KD, Sterne KT, Yau AW, "Modeling SuperDARN Saskatoon's radiation pattern in an empirical ionosphere", PDF
    14. Quinn C, "Determining the effects of coating material on the Swarm satellites' Langmuir Probe plasma measurements", PDF
    15. Yau A, Foss V, Howarth A, Perry G, Watson C, "Plasma density depletion and ion flow perturbation during the solar eclipse", PDF

  • AGU's Chapman on Scientific Challenges Pertaining to Space Weather Forecasting including extremes, 11-15 February, 2019, Pasadena, CA, USA
    1. Jin Y, Xiong C, Spicher A, Kervalishvili G, Clausen LBN, Stolle C, Wojciech MJ, "IPIR -Global study of ionospheric plasma irregularities with Swarm satellites", PDF

  • Observatory days, 9-11 January, 2019, Sodankylä, Finland
    1. Laundal KM, Finlay CC, Olsen N, Reistad JP, "An empirical model of the average magnetic field and polar current system, based on Swarm and CHAMP magnetometer measurements"

  • Magnetic Interactions 2019, 3-4 January, 2019, Liverpool, United Kingdom
    1. Brown W, Chulliat A, Macmillan S, Alken P, Beggan C, Nair M, Hamilton B, Woods A, "Recent secular variation and an update to the World Magnetic Model"

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  • 15th European Space Weather Week, 5-9 November, 2018, Leuven, Belgium
    1. Floberghagen R, many members of the Swarm team, "Space weather and geospace research with ESA's Swarm constellation: results, perspectives and opportunities", PDF
    2. Coïsson P, Deram P, Hulot G, Vigneron P, Léger J-M, Jager T, "Ionospheric information obtained from ELF whistlers detected by the ESA Swarm satellites", PDF
    3. March G, Visser T, Doornbos E, Iorfida E, van den IJssel J, Visser P, "Update on thermospheric density products from satellite observations March", PDF
    4. Balasis G, Papadimitriou C, "An initial ULF wave index derived from 2 years of Swarm observations", PDF
  • 15th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy, 22-26 October, 2018, Ahmedabad, India
    1. Stolle C, Floberghagen R, Yamazaki Y, Kervalishvili G, Rodriguez-Zuluaga J, Xiong C, "The Swarm satellites: the magnetic satellite mission to investigate geospace"
    2. Rodriguez-Zuluaga J, Stolle C, Chau J, "Electric currents related to equatorial plasma depletions: New insights from the Swarm mission"

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