Minimize Ocean Salinity Science and Salinity Remote Sensing Workshop
ocean salinity flyer

26 - 27 November 2014, Met Office, Exeter, UK

Jointly organised by ESA, NOC, IFREMER, LOCEAN, CATDS, SatOC, ICM-CSIC and Met Office

The workshop aimed to review progress made in using Ocean Salinity data: Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) and subsurface; to identify scientific challenges and benefits of using satellite SSS data in the wider ocean community in synergy with other data sources (in situ, satellite, model); and thus to foster the use of the new SSS data from space in the wider ocean and climate science communities.

The main workshop's objectives were:

  • To review the progress in our understanding of ocean salinity and associated processes
  • To present the status of satellite remote sensing of sea surface salinity and its contribution to ocean science
  • To explore techniques and challenges associated with the use of salinity data in ocean models
  • To identify the most promising future applications for satellite-derived estimates of sea surface salinity 
  • To review user requirements for future satellite-derived estimates of sea surface salinity
  • To prioritise future activities for ocean salinity science.

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