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Twin satellites, GRACE, was launched in March 2002 with the objective to make detailed measurements of Earth's gravity field which will lead to discoveries about gravity and Earth's natural systems. These discoveries could have far-reaching benefits to society and the world's population.


Launched in May 2002, compared to its predecessors, SPOT-5 offers greatly enhanced capabilities due to SPOT-5's improved 5-metre and 2.5-metre resolution. The satellite provides an ideal balance between high resolution and wide-area coverage. SPOT-5's other key feature is the unprecedented acquisition capability of the on-board HRS imaging instrument.

ESA's Earth Observation Third Party Missions Data Access Guide

In addition to providing users with data from its own Earth observing satellites - the ERS-1&2 and Envisat missions, the Earth Explorers and in future the Copernicus Sentinels - the European Space Agency (ESA) has long provided users with access to a number of non-ESA missions, so-called 'Third Party Missions' (TPM). The purpose of this document is to help users identify the various types of data that are available from these Missions, the kinds of applications that the data may be used for, and, importantly, the practical procedures required for access - including registration, search, selection and retrieval of the data of interest.