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PRISM consists of three panchromatic telescopes for forward, nadir, and backwards viewing. The stereoscopic views will be used to create highly accurate digital elevation models, while the 2.5 m resolution will permit the production of orthorectified imagery.

PRISM will be used to provide land coverage and land-use classification maps for monitoring regional environments. In addition, the instrument has a cross track pointing capability useful for disaster monitoring.

Not Operational
High resolution optical imagers
Technical Characteristics
8 bits
Spatial Resolution:
Swath Width:
35km (triplet stereo observations), 70km (nadir observations)
VIS-NIR: 0.52-0.77??m (panchromatic)
Earth Topics
Agriculture ( Afforestation/Reforestation Protection ), Land ( Landscape Topography )
Related Instruments
Available Resources Type Access
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Maintenance at Matera - network downtime on 30 June 2011

27 June 2011

A network maintenance has been scheduled at Matera from 10:00 to 15:00 CET on 30 June 2011.