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PALSAR (Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar) is an L-band SAR with 10 and 100 m resolutions that are capable of detailed, all-weather, day and night observations and repeat-pass interferometry. PALSAR has a ScanSAR observation mode, with a swath (250-350 km) that is three to five times wider than conventional SAR images. ScanSAR mode will be useful for monitoring sea ice and rain forest extent.

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Imaging microwave radars
Technical Characteristics
Radiometric: 1dB
Spatial Resolution:
Hi-res: 7-44m or 14-88m (depends on polarisation and looks),ScanSAR mode: <100m, Polarimetry 24-88m
Swath Width:
High resolution mode: 70km, Scan SAR mode: 250-360km,
Polarimetry: 30km
Microwave: L-Band 1270MHz
Earth Topics
Snow and Ice ( Frozen Ground ), Natural Disasters ( Floods , Landslides , Earthquakes ), Atmosphere ( Atmospheric Temperature )
Related Instruments
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ALOS PALSAR Ice Polar Year Antarctica dataset now available

18 January 2019

ESA is pleased to announce the ALOS PALSAR IPY Antarctica dataset is now available to the scientific community through an improved service: it is possible to easily select and download the products from an online map of Antarctica.