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AVNIR-2 is a four band (visible and near-infrared) radiometer with a resolution of 10 m, designed for observing land and coastal zones. The images will provide the basis for land coverage and land-use classifi cation maps for monitoring regional environments. In addition, the instrument has a cross track pointing capability useful for quick response applications including disaster monitoring.
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PALSAR is an L-band SAR with 10 and 100 m resolutions that are capable of detailed, all-weather, day and night observations and repeat-pass interferometry. PALSAR has a ScanSAR observation mode, with a swath (250-350 km) that is three to fi ve times wider than conventional SAR images. ScanSAR mode will be useful for monitoring sea ice and rain forest extent.
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PRISM consists of three panchromatic telescopes for forward, nadir, and backwards viewing. The stereoscopic views will be used to create highly accurate digital elevation models, while the 2.5 m resolution will permit the production of orthorectified imagery.
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