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Q. When looking for PALSAR data available in polarimetric mode, the swath width that appears on the map in EOLI-SA seem to be much too wide (250-350 km, instead of the expected 20-65 km)

A. In EOLI-SA, PALSAR acquisitions are represented by a footprint that covers all the area that can be covered by the sensor between the minimum and maximum allowed look angle. In other words, we display the sensor "access corridor" swath.
  It is then up to the user, using the shopcart functionality, to position the required scene within the access corridor. When doing so, EOLI-SA will calculate the corresponding look angle. Alternatively, in the shopcart, the user can specify manually the look angle, and this will position the scene (on the map) accordingly.

Q. How is the FTP delivery notified?

A. When a product is available, the user receives an E-mail notification with the below information; the FTP address allows the user to pick up the product in the next 7 days from delivery time









List of filenames


Q. The PALSAR ScanSAR level 1.1product (Single Look Complex) cannot be ordered via EOLI-SA

A. The level 1.1 for ScanSAR is not available from the ADEN node because this product is not part of the JAXA product list and therefore it has not been implemented in the Jaxa processor used in the ADEN node.

Q.   The geo-location data does not look good in ScanSAR level 1.1 products whereas it exists in level 1.5 products; why?

A. It is well known that Level 1.1 products generated by JAXA (and therefore also by the ADEN node) miss some geo-location information. The issue has been raised to JAXA and we hope that this information will be included in the future.

Q. Can I order Level 0 products?

A. Level 0 products (corresponding to source packets) cannot be ordered by CAT-1 PIs as they would be of no use but are reserved for exchange of data between JAXA and the nodes.
However, raw data (called L1.0 in JAXA terminology) are fully available to external users and can be ordered via EOLI-SA.
The other product types available are SLC (L1.1) and Multilook detected or PRI/GEC (L1.5)

Q.   Can I get data covering an area outside the ADEN zone?

A. Yes, users located within the ADEN zone are able to request a product over the whole globe; if the product is from the past (identified in the JAXA catalogue), order shall be sent via email to; if identified in EOLI-SA, it means that it is already available in the ADEN node and can be ordered via EOLI-SA. The level 0 repatriation will be requested to JAXA by ADEN and the data will be processed once available in an ADEN off-line centre (in average, 3 weeks after acquisition).

Q.   Why are PRISM data of different quality according to the area?

A. Because compression rate is different: Near-Real time acquisition at ESA station is 1/9, while standard acquisition by JAXA is 1/4.5