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SPOT-1 to 5 ESA Collection Static Map

04 September 2015

ESA is pleased to announce that the SPOT-1 to 5 ESA collection (more than 23,000 scenes) is now available, after fast registration, through the Static Map for immediate HTTP download. Data is made available free of charge.

The static map offers the opportunity to browse, directly on a map, all the SPOT-1 to 5 data available in the ESA archive. Once a scene is selected, the download is immediate for users who performed the fast registration and have been authorised.

The ESA SPOT collection is a dataset of SPOT-1 to 5 Panchromatic and Multispectral products that ESA has been collecting over the years. The dataset regularly grows as ESA collects new SPOT-1 to 5 products. It mainly focuses on European and African sites but some American, Asian and Greenland areas are also covered.

It is a good opportunity to quickly access SPOT-1 to 5 data, offering an alternative to the full SPOT-1 to 7 and Pleiades archive which access is offered by ESA through full project proposal.

Further information on the SPOT data distributed by ESA as a Third Party Mission is available on the SPOT missions page.

Access and details about the SPOT-1 to 5 ESA collection are available in the Data Access section.