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Release of SPOT-5 Take 5 data

03 July 2015

ESA and CNES are very pleased to announce that the data from the SPOT-5 (Take 5) experiment acquired until 3 June 2015 have just been released.

These data are aimed at helping users get familiar with high resolution time series with characteristics similar to those of the just launched Sentinel-2.

The SPOT-5 Take 5 experiment is the final phase of the SPOT-5 mission. In this campaign the satellite has been tasked to observe 150 selected sites from April to the expected de-orbiting of the satellite in autumn.

Two levels of products are provided in this new release of data:

  • Level 1C: Ortho-rectified images expressed in top of atmosphere reflectance
  • Level 2A: Ortho-rectified images expressed in surface reflectance with a cloud and cloud shadow mask

The data are available on the SPOT Take 5 website.

The file format for both Level 1C and Level 2A is detailed here.

Some explanations on how the the distribution server works are available here.

SPOT (Take 5) Workshop at the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016

Anticipating beneficial scientific results from this dataset release, ESA and CNES are also organising a SPOT-5 Take 5 workshop at the Living Planet Symposium in May 2016.

Invitations for paper submissions are welcome, and instructions are available here.