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The SPOT earth observation system designed by CNES began operations in February 1986. On 22 January 1990 the SPOT 2 satellite joined the other SPOT 1st generation satellite SPOT 1.

SPOT 2 had the same imaging characteristics (a swath of 60 km per instrument and oblique viewing capability of 27° on each side of the local vertical) and the same instrument on board as SPOT-1; HRV.

SPOT-2 generated more than 6.5 million Earth images in almost 20 years.

Minimize Mission Facts and Figures
Operator CNES
Launch date 22 January 1990
End date July 2009
Orbit Height 832km
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous
Repeat Cycle 26 days
Resolution 10 to 20m
Swath Width 60km
Onboard sensors provided under TPM HRV (High-Resolution Visible)