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Pleiades is a two-spacecraft constellation of CNES, introducing advanced technologies in Earth observation. Starting with the first launch in 2011, the Pleiades program follows the SPOT program satellite series services.

The identical twin satellites deliver very-high optical resolution (0.5m resolution) and offer a daily revisit capability to any point on the globe.

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SPOT and Pleiades data available for research and application development

10 April 2015

The SPOT-1 to 5 mission archive, SPOT-6 and 7 mission archive and new acquisitions, Pleiades mission archive and new acquisitions, and SPOTMAPS 2.5 complete dataset are now available to the scientific user community.

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Operator CNES
Launch date Pleiades 1A: 17 December 2011
Pleiades 1B: 02 December 2012
Orbit Height 694km
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous
Repeat Cycle 26 days
Resolution From 2m to 0.5m
Swath Width 20km
Onboard sensors provided under TPM HiRI (High Resolution Imager)