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ICEYE-X1 is ICEYE's first proof-of-concept microsatellite mission with a SAR sensor as its payload. It was launched on 12 January 2018, on ISRO's PSLV-C40 rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Center in India. ICEYE-X1 is also the world's first SAR satellite in this size (under 100kg), enabling radar imaging of the Earth through clouds and even in total darkness. The satellite is also the very first Finnish commercial satellite.

The aim of the ICEYE-X1 mission is to validate in-orbit performance of the satellite and begin pilot operations with first users. Representative use-cases for the data include monitoring sea ice movements or marine oil spills, and prevention of illegal fishing.

ICEYE is launching up to nine more SAR satellites by the end of 2019 to form the world's largest SAR satellite constellation. ICEYE-X2, which is foreseen launching in October 2018, will increase the resolution up to 3 metres. The company plans to increase the number of satellites in the constellation in the following years to increase revisit rates to three hours on average.

With ICEYE-X1, the first instrument resolution was verified to reach under 10 metres, which will be improved in future ICEYE satellite missions. The initial satellite features one solar array and S-band communications. The design, development and integration was performed by ICEYE.

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ICEYE data familiarisation phase for the Earthnet Third Party Missions programme

04 October 2018

ESA and ICEYE are pleased to announce the opportunity to freely access, up to the end of the year, ICEYE imagery over several demonstration sites, to assess image quality and suitability for several applications: monitoring urban, agricultural and forest environments, and vessel tracking (ship detection).

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Mission Details

ICEYE-X1 is a microsatellite with a launch mass of 70 kg, its bus structure is 70x60x50 and the SAR instrument length is 3.25 metres after deployment.

ICEYE-X1 Sensor Specification

Parameter X1 (Phase 1)
Bandwidth 60 MHz
Imaging modes Stripmap
Ground resolution 10 m
Swath width 35 km
Incidence angle, deg 15-25
NESZ -17
Ambiguity ratio -17
Polarization VV
Georeferencing accuracy 10 m
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ICEYE imagery products are primarily available as Level-1 SLC and GRD products, along with Level-2 products produced from them.

Name Description Product Level
X1 SM RAW RAW products consist of compressed and unfocused SAR raw data. They form the basis for producing all other, higher level SAR products.

Level 0


Single Look Complex (SLC) products consist of focused SAR data geo-referenced using orbit and attitude data from the satellite and provided in zero-Doppler slant-range geometry. The products include a single look in each dimension using the full transmit signal bandwidth and consist of complex samples preserving the phase information and represent the basis for further processing.

Level 1a


Ground Range Detected (GRD) products consist of focused SAR data that has been detected, multi-looked and projected to ground range using an Earth ellipsoid model. Phase information is lost. The resulting product has approximately square spatial resolution pixels and square pixel spacing with reduced speckle at the cost of worse spatial resolution. All ground range products contain magnitude detected pixels represented as unsigned integers.

Level 1b


Geometrically corrected (orthorectified) terrain corrected data using typically the best available digital elevation model and a basic set of GCPs for refining original georeferencing information

Level 2a


Geometrically and radiometrically corrected (orthorectified) terrain flattened data using typically the best available digital elevation model and an extended set of GCPs for refining original georeferencing information

Level 2b