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The EOhopS call, part of the ESA TPM programme, opens an EO data hosted-processing offer to scientists and R&D users.


The Open Science Earth Observation (OSEO) call offers to scientists the opportunity to exploit at no cost a full archive of optical EO data for science, applications and technological innovation, by offering services which exploit state of the art ICT.


The S3VT call is open to relevant and interested groups and individuals worldwide; group responses are particularly welcome.


Interested users may - at any time - submit proposals for the use of Swarm validated Level 1b and Level 2 data through a dedicated interface.


ESA is offering all scientists with the possibility to perform bulk processing exploiting the large ESA Earth-observation archive together with ESA available GRID computing and dynamic storage resources.
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Satellites track Antarctic ice loss over decades

02 May 2017

Over two decades of observations by five radar satellites show the acceleration of ice loss of 30 glaciers in Western Palmer Land in the southwest Antarctic Peninsula.
Ice SpeedFlying over ice
Mapping 30 glaciers in the region, the research team found that between 1992 and 2016, most of the glaciers sped up by 20 and 30 cm per day. This is equivalent to an average 13% increase in flow speed across the area as a whole.
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Bringing satellite data to farmers

 24 May 2017

ESA and BayWa AG are joining forces in an effort to advance the use of satellite data in farming.
The collaboration aims to optimise the use of satellite data in farming and to assess the benefit to farmers with the aim of improving farming practices, water resource efficiency and crop yield.