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Changes in the Swarm Level 1B and Level 2 Cat-2 operational processors

18 September 2018

On 17 September 2018 an improved version for both L1B and L2 Cat-2 Operational Processors was transferred into operations. We are in the process of publishing the entire datasets generated with the latest processor versions (L1B and L2 Cat-2 outputs with the following Product Baseline and File Counter: ORBATT 0401; MAGNET 0505; PLASMA 0501; ACCELE 0401; IBI 0301 ; FAC 0301; TEC 0301)

The key points in the new version are:

  • the introduction of STR Inter-Boresight Angles correction model
  • separation of pre-flight from the in-flight VFM calibration parameters
  • changing the data resampling used for the interpolation of the ASM data to exact UTC
  • updating vector data calibration and disturbance characterization
  • new interpolated LP product
  • new ACC product containing a subset of parameters of the current ACCx_PR_1B available to all users
  • minor improvements in L2 Cat-2 processors

For more information on these latest changes please read the Release Note.

For operational reasons, the Level 2 -CAT2 EEF production is temporarily suspended. The generation of EEF products will resume as soon as possible.